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WordPress White Screen of Death

December 3, 2013, Omar Nofl0 Comments



Wordpress is one of the most versatile scripts around. However due to 3rd party scripts, plugins, and themes, WordPress can occasionally have problems. These problems usually break the php process and a white page is shown with no error. The causes of this White Screen of Death, or wsod, are varied. Here are Top reasons and possible solutions.

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How to run a shell script in Ubuntu

August 24, 2013, Omar Nofl0 Comments

The easiest way for me is just to press the ctrl , alt, and T keys to open a terminal.

Navigate to the folder that contains your script file.

Then all you have to do is type ./yourscriptname and the script will be run in the terminal, or to run the script with root priviledges, type: sudo ./yourscriptname Read More

Google Store/Play Error 495

July 23, 2013, Omar Nofl0 Comments

Everything was great and I’ve just downloaded a new game to play with friends and when I backed to home I wanted to download new game but I got the Error “Could not downloaded due to an error (495)”.

Messenger Image

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Play Store Download Error

March 30, 2013, Omar Nofl0 Comments

Recently a much of people and I am one of them are facing the problem of Google Play Store Download Error, After long search here’s simply the problem solving instructions:

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How to remove WordPress Admin bar

March 9, 2013, Omar Nofl0 Comments

Hello all,

I’ve tried a lot of plugins and tutorials to remove the WordPress admin top bar but sadly with no success. So I’ve tried to figure it out and here’s the easiest and best way to remove the wordpress admin bar:

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