Mandriva Linux 2011 Final
Mandriva Linux 2011 Final | 3.26 GB

Distribution is available as a DVD-assembly, which supports work in the Live-view with the ability to install to disk and available for architectures i586 (1.6 GB) and x86-64 (1.7 GB). Prepared by iso-images are hybrid, ie, they can be used as a DVD, and the USB Flash.

Introduced issue as never before has considerable innovations, both at the organization level user interface, and the level of the system components. For example, the transition to the package manager and system initialization RPM5 Systemd, added a new interface to run programs and redesigned various parts of the desktop environment. Revised the installation process: instead of selecting the components in the installer, installed by default formed the base of the applications for which the selected one by one carefully selected and tested applications for each task.

In accordance with new cycle of training releases major new version of Mandriva will be issued once a year. The base period of support and updates are released will be half of the year. Every few years will be shaped LTS-release, featuring long-time updates are released (3 years). In particular, the next LTS-release form will be based on Mandriva Linux 2011 and released at the end of the year.

Main applications:

Office Suite LibreOffice 3.4.2
The web browser Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1
E-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird 5.0
Music player Clementine 0.7.1
Video Editor PiTiVi 0.14.2
Picture Manager Shotwell 0.10.1

IMPORTANT! Working environment GNOME, Xfce and other window managers are officially no longer supported. However, support for data packets is preserved by the community of Mandriva. Starting with Mandriva 2011 KDE is the only officially supported desktop. If you wish to use Mandriva to another desktop or window manager, you can use informal assembly of members of the community.


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