برنامج WinZip 12.1 Build 8519 ضغط وفك ضغط الملفات وينزب
برنامج Win Zip برنامج خرافي ومتخصص في مجال ضغط وفك ضغط الملفات بصيغ كثيرة ولا ننسى سهولة الاستخدام له مع امكانية عمل كلمة مرور لاي ملف مضغوط ببرنامج WinZip واضافة اي ملفات بجانبة وخيارات اخرى كثيرة مثل كتابة الحقوق بداخل الملف نفسه وغيرها الكثير يتوافق مع Windows 2000, XP or Vista

WinZip is the most trusted way to work with compressed files.”
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WinZip, the original and most popular compression utility for Windows, is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that zips and unzips files quickly to conserve disk space and greatly reduce email Transmission time. WinZip 12.1 introduces the ZipX format creating the smallest Zip files ever. You can even compress JPEG files by 20-25% without losing photo quality, and manage and share digital photos more easily. WinZip integrates with Windows seamlessly, opens RAR, 7Z and other file types and offers AES encryption to keep files secure. Use its award-winning Classic view or its intuitive Wizard that helps new users accomplish basic zipping and unzipping tasks quickly and easily. You can let WinZip select the best compression method for each file type to take maximum advantage of powerful advanced compression methods that create even smaller Zip files. A familiar Explorer-style view makes it easy to navigate large, multi-folder archives and the thumbnail view lets you see images in the main WinZip window quickly. WinZip is available in Standard or Pro. WinZip 12 Pro offers a new Zip from camera feature that makes it easy to import, rotate, resize and view digital photos, plus the WinZip Job Wizard that allows you to automate repetitive zipping tasks, back up data easily, archive important documents and distribute information. You can move valuable data off site with WinZip’s FTP upload functionality, or burn a Zip file directly to CD or DVD. Other WinZip benefits include: ** Accomplish most common Zip-related tasks directly from Windows Explorer without opening a separate WinZip window.


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