Chief Information Officer

My most recent work.

Below are some examples of my work, these range from the personal projects to projects I have completed as part of my studies.

  • Shop from World
    Shop from World
  • Lauren Shop
    Lauren Shop
  • Riyadh’s Sun
    Riyadh’s Sun
  • Sea Force
    Sea Force
  • Unlimited Trends
    Unlimited Trends
  • Riyadh Development Company
    Riyadh Development Company
  • Ochen Elevators
    Ochen Elevators
  • Print Aid
    Print Aid
  • Nami Lawfirm
    Nami Lawfirm
  • Nahi Company
    Nahi Company
  • Mind Zone
    Mind Zone
  • Lines & Colors IT
    Lines & Colors IT
  • Glass Shield Co
    Glass Shield Co
  • Al-Sadoun Lawfirm
    Al-Sadoun Lawfirm
  • Dream Design
    Dream Design
  • Casting & Talents
    Casting & Talents
  • Al-medaihesh Transport Co
    Al-medaihesh Transport Co
  • Alkhateeb Company
    Alkhateeb Company