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Microsoft Outlook 2010 not showing emails

April 27, 2015Omar Nofl0 Comments


My outlook has been working great since months or maybe a years but suddenly it’s not showing the new received emails at all, It only show the old emails. I get a notification and can see for example 10 unread messages but can’t find them in inbox or any where, so here’s some solutions to check them in order…


  • Click on start->run
  • Type “Outlook /cleanviews” and click ok.

Note: Copy and past what inside quote.


  • Open Account Settings
  • Click, Data Files tab, and make sure your email is selected as default.


Final solution which worked for me:

  • Click on “View” tab, on the top of Outlook menu.
  • From the “Current View”, click on “Change View”.
  • Choose a different view from available options.
  • Now as can see the lost/hidden emails, it may and maybe not working after choosing the old view again!

Good Luck!

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