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Google Store/Play Error 495

July 23, 2013Omar Nofl0 Comments

Everything was great and I’ve just downloaded a new game to play with friends and when I backed to home I wanted to download new game but I got the Error “Could not downloaded due to an error (495)”.

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After not long searching I found the solution:

Go to settings-apps-all-download manager and clear data. Then go to settings-apps-all-Google Play Store and clear cache. Play store should work and if not try restarting your tablet.”

There is another answer that says – “uninstall all updates to Google Play, reverting to the original market, then re-starting that, and letting it re-update to Google Play, then re-starting it again.”

However vague, clearing the data on Google Play Store app might do the job.

If you still facing any problems with Google Play you check out my post  Google Play Download errors!

Have Fun!

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